Breakfast is served daily from 7:40 to 7:55.  Students do not need to sign up ahead of time.  Any current student can purchase breakfast – cost will be deducted from the student or family’s account.

Breakfast – $1.50
Milk/Juice – $0.35
Ala Carte – $0.50


May Breakfast Menu


Hot Lunch – $2.75
Milk Only – $0.35

Grades 6-8  Students may substitute a salad in place of the main entrée.  Those students choosing to do this must inform their homeroom teacher during the daily hot lunch count.


May Lunch Menu


Please send payment with the dollar amount you choose in an envelope marked “Lunch Program” with each student’s name and the dollar amount you would like applied to their account. Accounts may also be monitored and maintained on Skyward. Please refer to the student handbook to be familiar with all policies. *Note: All of our students regardless of income are approved to receive FREE breakfast and lunch until June 2021 as part of the Summer Food Service Program extension as part of the federal Covid Relief package. Students will only be charged, if they bring a cold lunch and choose to order a milk ($.40).



Caterpillar Matched Giving Program Guidelines


Caterpillar Matched Giving Program FAQs


Corporate Matching Guidelines