A School with a Mission

Our legacy spans 60 years in the development of Catholic youth with faith-based values and high academic accomplishments. Our goal is to ensure that each child is prepared-both spiritually and intellectually-to succeed in high school as well as becoming responsible Catholic Christians throughout their adult lives.


It is my honor to present you the unique opportunities and advantages Holy Family Parish School has to offer your child in these critical years of spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional development. We hope you find this web site helpful in learning all that Holy Family Parish School has to offer.

As you explore the pages of our ever-growing website, we hope you will discover the vision of our family shared by our pastor, teachers, parents, and the children who truly guide who we are, and all we do, every day. Brought together by faith, Holy Family Parish School is a Franciscan family, welcoming and inspiring all to love, live, learn and serve as Christ taught us. We focus on faith first and share our Christ-centered philosophy through our Catholic identity and traditions.

With quality teaching for learning and effective research-based instruction, we inspire educational success and pursue academic excellence for all of our students and teachers. Our dedicated staff create a safe, nurturing environment where every child belongs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to take a tour and discuss how Holy Family Parish School can benefit your child.

Stacie Gianessi


Quick Facts

Holy Family Parish School is:

  • the only Catholic school in Peoria to be overseen by the Conventual Franciscan Friars
  • located in a bustling area of Peoria on the corner of Sterling and Reservoir – two blocks from the Fresh Market grocery store, Five Guys Burgers, Biaggi’s, and Northwoods Mall
  • home to over 180 students in preschool/pre-k through 8th grade
  • a melting pot of Catholic and non-Catholic students with 24% of its students coming from racially diverse backgrounds
  • using the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the Measures of Academic Progress test as tools for assessment
  • using the MyAccess writing program to improve the writing skills of our students

Located Centrally in Peoria

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