Holy Family School Supply List 2017-2018

Please note that all supplies may need to be re-filled throughout the year.

Please try to put names on sweaters, uniforms, lunchboxes, and any supplies you can. It will help with the lost and found.


Each student Kindergarten – 8th grade

(Per student NOT per family)

3 boxes of Kleenex

1 container Clorox Wipes

2 paper towels

1 ream of computer paper

Back pack large enough to fit regular sized folders


Students 2nd – 8th grade

Large assignment notebook

NO binders, white out, gel pens or erasable pens


Physical Education


Tennis shoes (Non-scuffing, most black soles scuff)

Dance shoes needed will be announced at a later date



(Don’t label items with *)

2 Folders (two pocket)

1 Blue folder *

1 Pack of eraser caps *

2 Elmers lg. glue sticks *

2 Boxes Crayola crayons (24 ct. ONLY)*

1 Set Crayola water colors

1 Scissors (metal cutting edge)

1 Large towel for rest time

Hand sanitizer *


Grade 1


2 Plastic folders (two pocket)

3 Pink erasers

Elmers White glue

3 Glue sticks

2 Boxes of markers - primary colors only - 8 to 10

2 Boxes of crayons- (24 ct. max)

* Leave markers & crayons in boxes

Washable water colors (lid/brush)

Scissors (children’s pointed)

Pencils #2 (sharpened, plain, 24 ct.)

Zippered pencil pouch

1 Pack of fine-tip dry-erase markers

1 Wide-ruled composition notebook

Old t-shirt for art projects

Hand sanitizer


Grade 2

2 Folders (two pocket)

BIG erasers

Elmers white glue or glue stick

Box of Markers

Crayons: 16 ct. or 24 ct. max

Water colors with brush


Pencils #2 (sharpened)

1 Spiral notebook

Ruler (with inches & centimeters)


Grade 3

5 Folders (two pocket)

1 Pack of erasers

1 School glue

4 Glue sticks

1 Set of markers


Colored pencils

Scissors (pointed)

2 packs of 24 pencils with erasers

1 5 x 8 pencil box

5 Spiral wide-ruled notebooks

1 pk wide-ruled loose-leaf paper

1 ruler with English & Metric

1 pack 4x6 note cards

1 Clear plastic shoebox

Hand sanitizer 


Grade 4

10 Folders (two pocket)

1 Eraser

Glue 4 oz. bottle or glue stick

Markers-felt tip-wide line


Colored pencils

Good scissors, 4-5 in. pointed

Mechanical pencils preferred

Zippered pencil pouch

Ruler-Wooden-English & Metric

4 Red marking pens

4 Black or blue ink pens

Highlighter – yellow only

10 spiral notebooks-college rule

Clear plastic shoebox

College ruled note paper

1 pack index cards


Grade 5

6 Plain Folders (two pocket)

1 Eraser

Glue 4oz. bottle or 5 glue sticks


Colored pencils



Zippered pencil pouch

Ruler-Wooden-English & Metric

1 Red ballpoint pen

4 Blue or black ballpoint pens


7 spiral notebooks 8x10 1/2

Clear plastic shoebox

Looseleaf notebook paper

3 x 5 index cards

Small handheld pencil sharpener


Grades 6, 7, 8

Loose leaf paper

Pencils/mechanical pencils

1 Red ball point pen

3x5 Lined index cards

1 Small hand held pencil sharpener



Metric ruler

Pencil case - zippered

Colored markers

Colored pencils

Elmers glue bottle


1 Plastic expandable file folder

1 Scissors (regular, not small)

1 Black sharpie

9 Spiral notebooks (min. 70 sheets)

Scientific calculator (like Texas Instrument Model 30XA)



Back pack (large enough to fit regular size folders in)

1 Large box of Kleenex

2 Paper towel rolls

2 Containers Clorox Wipes

1 Package Baby Wipes

1 Box Dixie Cups (6 oz. or 8 oz.)

4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks (.21 oz.)

1 box of Crayola Crayons 24 ct. 



1 Large box of Kleenex

1 Paper towel roll

2 Containers Clorox Wipes

1 Package Baby Wipes

1 Package of napkins

4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks (.21 oz.)

1 Bottle Elmer’s School-Glue

1 Reusable spill-proof water bottle

2 Folders (two pocket)


  • Preschool and Pre-K students are required to wear the student uniform as listed in the handbook. Athletic, casual or dress shoes with Velcro are required.  Light up shoes are NOT allowed.


  • Each child will need to bring a complete change of clothes to keep at school (pants, shirt, underwear and socks). Please mark the clothes with the child’s name and place in a Ziploc bag marked with the child’s name.


  • Full day students may bring a SMALL blanket and SMALL stuffed animal for rest time. Please mark all items with the child’s name.


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