Holy Family Dance Program

Preschool & Prekindergarten

Dance Program

Both 3 and 4 year olds participate in creative movement class. Students will learn basic principles of dance through various age-appropriate songs. We will practice moving to beats of songs as well as listening to the words in order to interpret movements based on the lyrics.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Maintaining the lessons learned from creative movement, these students will be introduced to basic ballet technique. Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance, so it is important to practice and establish proper form in order for all other dance styles to be learned. Technique will include simple barre exercises and proper body alignment and positioning. Because the basic ballet movements are so important, there will be a great deal of focus on learning how to perform them and remembering the names of each movement and position.

2nd and 3rd grade

Tap dance is introduced at this age group. Learning rhythm and footwork will be a huge focus during class. Technique will also be important as it will affect the sound quality of the steps. Tap dancing helps students develop motor skills as well as balance. Class will consist of learning/reviewing basic tap steps and learning fun combinations.

4th grade

Dance Program

This age group will focus on more intricate ballet technique in order to prepare them for jazz class. They will review the basic ballet technique learned at the lower age level, and will continue building on their knowledge. Students will be introduced to basic jazz isolations, stretches, steps, turns, and simple combinations.

5th and 6th grade

Jazz technique is taught to this age group. We will incorporate several stretches and calisthenics to improve strength and flexibility. Fun combinations and improvisation will be learned and used in class to prepare for the recital routine.

7th and 8th grade

These grades will spend the year reviewing all dance technique. We will work on more challenging combinations and dance to upbeat music. For the recital, these groups will perform hip hop routines. All music will be carefully screened for content and language.

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