Holy Family Dance Program


Dance Program

Both 3 and 4 year olds participate in creative movement class. The basic foot and body positions are incorporated into choreographed daily song and dance routines. The songs we use are very upbeat contemporary Christian kids music. The children learn the basic principles of dance while learning to worship Jesus at the same time. They also learn to follow many different beats of music. Each day, the highlight of the class is for students to have an opportunity to perform improvisational movements of their choice to various age appropriate dance songs.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Still fostering the creative movement, we start to introduce ballet technique to the students. Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance and needs to be practiced to establish proper form for all other dance that is to be learned. Technique includes learning simple barre exercises like plies and relives using proper body alignment and foot/arm positioning. Students still love to do song and dance warm ups at this level and also do games that help them to learn to perform with different emotions (and using different musical tempos). The show choreography will be boy-friendly and will incorporate partner dance.

2nd and 3rd grade

Tap dance is introduced to this age group. We work on rhythm and footwork. Technique is emphasized as it effects the sound quality of the steps. This type of dance helps students to develop large and fine motor skills as well as balance. These are skills that will help them to be able to do more full body movements later when they begin exploring different types of Jazz dance. After mastering their daily combinations, the students are rewarded with some improvisational time. They like to take their taps off and bust a move during free dance time.

4th and 5th grade

Dance Program

These students love to perform but are not quite ready for the intricacies of Jazz Technique. We do go over basic jazz isolations, steps, turns, and stretching, and learn some basic combinations in the genre of Jazz (such as Hip Hop), but we keep it light and fun. We focus on bringing out the dramatic aspects of dance. These students learn to take on a character in the dance. Throughout the year we try to find a character that the students love to portray.

Last year, one class did an animal routine where they explored their wild side, and the other class did a 50’s routine and got to channel Elvis. Having this group do a character routine in the show really added to the fun spirit of the event.


This group usually focuses on classic Jazz technique. We explore all kinds of Jazz throughout the year. This includes everything from Hip Hop to Broadway. They will perform a Jazz routine in the recital. Last year they got to use props as they portrayed a basketball team and cheerleaders. We even had a college basketball player come in and work with some of the boys on ball handling and tricks. The girls got to use some of their special skills in the number like poms, baton, gymnastics and even Irish dance.

7th and 8th

These groups will spend the year reviewing all of their dance techniques and learning some more challenging street Jazz combinations. Both groups have ideas about the styles of dance and songs that they like to use. They like to learn the most current dance steps that are available to them. To do this, we try to explore appropriate music that does not have a theme that is counter to the Christian culture that is promoted by the school. Careful thought goes into song selection. This year we will be bringing in a high schooler to work with the students on the most cutting edge Hip Hop moves that they can handle. They will be challenged on all levels. All moves will be screened for appropriateness.

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