Religious Program

Holy Family incorporates religion and religious studies in all areas of our school.  Through daily prayer, weekly mass and a well-rounded religious education program, we strive to keep Christ at the center of all we do.

Holy Family uses the Montessori based, Catechesis of the
Good Shepherd program. Students in preschool through 1st grade are scheduled for one hour time slots in the atrium a week. Students in 2nd grade on up can reserve the room for specific lessons as needed. This program allows students to discover the various mysteries found in our scriptures and reflect on the beauty of the liturgies through hands-on activities. This religion curriculum is student led with a Montessori approach of allowing the student to pick which work they choose to pray with each week. While in the atrium, students will have the chance to meditate on the Articles of the Mass, the Eucharistic Gestures, the Articles of Baptism, the Infancy Narratives, the Messianic Prophecies, the Geography of the Land of Israel, the Paschal Mysteries, the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and the Mystery of Christ as the Good Shepherd. Our mission is to lead children to Jesus by giving them the opportunities they need to know Him personally.

Our junior high teachers have incorporated the Chosen program into their curriculum.  This not only helps to prepare our students for the sacrament of Confirmation, but seeks to engage our junior high students and helps them to better understand the role they have in the Church and our faith community.

Faith Development


Religious education is an integral part of our curriculum. Faith formation is enhanced through daily prayer, weekly all-school Masses, monthly rosary celebrations, and sacramental preparation programs. Students experience faith-in-action through service opportunities and various celebrations.

Service opportunities extend classroom learning to life lessons. Students offer numerous hours of community service and share their blessings with others through service-learning programs and projects. These include support for our sister parish in Tlacoachistlauca, Mexico, our local food pantry through our parish Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, nursing homes, Catholic Charities, Friendship House, and other local organizations.

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