The staff at Holy Family Parish School strives to create and maintain a positive learning environment. It is important to us that our students enjoy coming to school and are supported in academic as well as interpersonal skills. We pride ourselves on having an atmosphere where parental communication and participation is integral to the success of each child. Holy Family teachers are college graduates and certified by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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Jill Templin

Principal(309) 688-2931
Margo Tony
Secretary(309) 688-2931 x228
Nicki Swonger
Lisa Auen
Amy Coulter
Cheryl Craft
Tina Nester
Holly Titone
Mary Ralph
Nick Toohill
Carrie Shewchuk
Rhonda Motyl
Amy Kelly
Fran Weber
Marty Doherty
Linda Sefton
Erin Wukitsch
Bill Booher
Elaine Pemberton
Rick Simkins
Sister Hernandez
Angie Riedel
Patricia Kawczynski
Title 1 Teacher/Before & After Care Program
Lori Schwegmann
Aaron Bresko
Becky Richards
Cafeteria Staff
Jenny Swartz
Cafeteria Staff
Kathleen Dotson
Director of Admissions and
Father Anthony Labedis
OFM Conventional
Jeannie Gusler
Care Program, Preschool

Templin Mrs. Jill Templin, Principal

Margo Tony Mrs. Margo Tony, Secretary


Cheryl Craft Mrs. Cheryl Craft, Pre-School


Mrs. Nicki Swonger Mrs. Nicki Swonger, Pre-K


Tina Nester, Kindergarten Tina Nester, Kindergarten


Mrs. Mary Ralph Mrs. Mary Ralph, 2nd Grade


Mrs. Nick Toohill Mr. Nick Toohill, 3rd Grade

Ms. Carrie Shewchuk Ms. Carrie Shewchuk, 4th Grade


Mrs. Rhonda Motyl Mrs. Rhonda Motyl, 5th Grade


Mr. Marty Doherty Mr. Marty Doherty, 7th Grade


Mrs. Fran Weber Mrs. Fran Weber, Junior High Science


Mrs. Elaine Pemberton Mrs. Elaine Pemberton, Music

Mr. Rick Simkins Mr. Rick Simkins, Physical Education


Mr. Bill Booher Mr. Bill Booher, Band


Patricia Kawczynski Mrs. Patricia Kawczynski, Title 1 Teacher


 Amy Kelly Mrs. Amy Kelly, 6th Grade


Holly Titone Holly Titone, 1st Grade


Amy Coulter, Pre-K/DRE Amy Coulter, Pre-K Teacher/DRE


Lisa Auen Mrs. Lisa Auen, Pre-K Aide

Aaron Bresko, Cafeteria Manager Mr. Aaron Bresko, Cafeteria Manager

Hernandez, Spanish Teacher Sister Hernandez, Spanish Teacher

Erin Wukitsch, Dance Ms. Erin Wukitsch, Dance

Angie Riedel, Technology Teacher Mrs. Angie Riedel, Technology Teacher

Lori Schwegmann, Cafeteria Mrs. Lori Schwegmann, Cafeteria

Linda Sefton, Art Mrs. Linda Sefton, Art

Kathleen Dotson Mrs. Kathleen Dotson

Gusler Mrs. Jeannie Gusler, Care Program, Preschool Aide

Father Labedis Father Anthony Labedis, OFM Conventional

Becky Richards Ms. Becky Richards, Cafeteria Staff

Jenny Swartz Ms. Jenny Swartz, Cafeteria Staff